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Preventing Bipolar Disorder Do-It-Yourself

It doesn’t really matter if you have already been diagnosed with bipolar disorder type one or two or if you have already been battling it out for some time now. What’s important is that you have full control of the situation that you’re experiencing. There can be no other person who can work it all […]


Advising A Person With Bipolar Disorder

Whenever faced with someone who has a problem with being attached to reality and begins to manifest certain qualities that are unusual, it is the best advice that the person undergoes treatment. In the case of someone who suffers from bipolar disorder, it is wiser to bring someone to a medical facility once he or […]


Potty Training an Autistic Child

Potty training a normal, healthy child can be hard work. What do you do when that child is Autistic? Maybe they do not even understand what it means to use the potty. Here are some helpful suggestion when potty training and Autistic child. 1. Make sure the child is ready to be potty trained. Just […]