Understanding Suicidal Tendencies Through Bipolar Disorder

Before going into the rough details, we’ll have a rerouting of ideas to know the main reasons why people who have bipolar disorder results in suicide.
First, there are generally two types of bipolar disorder which are: Bipolar I and Bipolar II. These two subtypes can be regarded as symptoms which are appropriate basis for diagnosing the disease.
Bipolar Type I
In this occurrence, the person may at least have one or two manic episodes even without episodes of previous depression.
Bipolar Type II
The person must at least have an episode of depression and a hypomanic episode. Hypomanic episodes usually refer to a lesser and much briefer condition compared to a manic episode that lasts only for a few days and not at all severe.
Hypomania episodes would be associated with elevated moods like irritability and changes in everyday functioning that doesn’t require hospitalization. Here, depression is much more longer than hypomania.
This is somewhat included in the type but is considered as the milder bipolar form. Compared to the extremes bipolar people are exhibiting, cyclothmia mood swings are moderate.
This is the time when bipolar becomes severe. The person undergoes episodes of delusions and hallucinations that detaches them from reality. Some goes into thinking that they are someone or they see and hear things that, in reality, aren’t there.
With all the things related to the disorder, it all goes down to one thing – suicide. Because the person can no longer understand what is happening to him, his behavior is taking over his entire system and is overwhelming his thoughts and feelings. And because the person believes that he is incapable of doing anything good, he commits suicide.
Suicide is a sin. But then again, it has become one of the most effective solutions to outrun every single problem that occurs in someone’s life. If someone in your family has already been diagnosed of the disorder, it is proper that the members of the family see to it that the person is taken care of.
Any thoughts of committing suicide must have immediate attention to rule out the idealism. It is advisable that the person seeks medical health. The risk for committing suicide will appear within the earlier course of the illness.
To be able to diagnose if a person has suicidal tendencies, one must observe signs and symptoms such as:
• Hopeless and helpless feelings
• Thoughts about wanting to die or talking about the afterlife
• Feels that he or she is just a burden for her family and friends
• Abuses drugs and alcohol
• Writing random good-bye notes
• Organizing affairs like preparing for near death
Suicide is possible especially if you know someone who is suffering from an early stage of bipolar disorder. If you or anyone you knows who are feeling suicidal, bipolar or not, always find ways to rid of it like calling a doctor for advice and help, never leaving suicidal persons alone, and making sure that any access of harm that the person can use against himself is no where to be found.
It is important that one understands the different causes of the disorder in order to totally prevent the risk of suicidal attempts. Life is the most important thing to be taken care of. It’s a pity to see it wasted.
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