A History of Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years

November 11, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Islamic Apologist The lack of knowledge in regards to the section of the book covering Islam is truly stunning. For a scholar to lack such basic knowledge and to act an as Islamic apologist for the rise of the Islamic caliphate and the death of 200 million people and to merely brush it off as excess is truly remarkable.Muhammad is called “The Prophet” which for a scholar to do who is claiming to be a neutral historian is remarkable as nowhere else in the book for example is Jesus The Christ called…

Anonymous says:

Remarkable scholarship raises huge range of questions about the whole course of human history This is a work of remarkable scholarship and erudition, staggeringly comprehensive & packed with more characters, ideas, isms and schisms than anyone could possibly remember. What it doesn’t do is discuss the emotional and spiritual benefits which religious people presumably get from their faith. It is very much a bureaucratic history of the organisational and power structures of Christianity over the millennia, and that focus brings a number of issues to the fore: (i) The extent to which a…

Anonymous says:

Amazing History Of Christianity If you wish to read a detailed account on the history of Christianity then this book is ideal.The author has structured this book in such a fantastic way that it makes a really absorbing read. As a student of the Christian theology, I was extremely impressed by the layout of all the material contained inside this book and I found it very simple to follow.The attention to detail was clearly evident as each historical period was covered; presented accurately in such a wonderful…

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