A History of Modern Britain

December 17, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Beautifully Written The Making of Modern Britain and A History of Modern Britain by Andrew Marr provide, in my opinion, the best general history of Britain in the 20th century. Each book covers political, economic and social history written in Marr’s unique style; you can almost hear Marr’s voice reading the history to you as you peruse the paragraphs and prose within them. So good in fact that I bought copies for my father (now sadly passed away) and he loved them too. Indeed it would be hard to fault these…

Anonymous says:

Social history brought to life Andrew Marr has a very easy going narrative style. He brings potentially dull subject matter (politics, class structure, social change for example) vividly to life. He explores post war Britain in detail. It’s the world in which I grew up and his insight into people, events, ideas and developments that have shaped and influenced life as we know it is fascinating.This is living social history. He explains complex issues in a way that’s accessible to lay readers and it’s a book I’ve…

Anonymous says:

A genuine classic history This is the updated version with the additional chapter – from Blair to Brexit (or Gordon to Teresa as the chapter is titled). I’ve seen the original TV history several times and did wonder what the book could add to it without becoming bloated, but Marr manages it perfectly. I studied 20th Century history for my O-level, and grew up through much of this narrative, so the story of Britain’s last 50+ years is very much the background to my life. And what a tale!Conspiracy and c**k…

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