A History of the World in 21 Women: A Personal Selection

August 13, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

To be read under the hair-dryer. If you know nothing at all about the women described in this book you might end up with a few basic facts but it’s no help that Murray starts with someone as remote as Hatshepsut and continues with a religious bigot like Isabella and then it’s the turn of Joan of Arc whose ‘voices’ ought to have had her put somewhere safe for her own good.Another reviewer sums up this book as ‘teenage’ reading and I wish I had read that before buying it.They might not have a decent magazine to read…

Anonymous says:

Women at there best Bought this as a present and it went down well. Not all the names of the women in the book will be familiar to you but their stories should be known.

Anonymous says:

Delivered quickly Be inspired by 21 famous women in history!

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