A Pocket Full of Rye (Miss Marple)

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Anonymous says:

Sleeping Murder Although this is listed as the thirteenth Miss Marple novel, and was published in 1976, it was actually written during WWII and shows her as a fairly sprightly lady, compared to some books. According to the Agatha Christie website, it should sit between “The Moving Finger,” and “A Murder is Announced,” and that is where I have positioned it in my re-reading of these books.Gwenda Reed has arrived from New Zealand, charged with buying a house for her, and her new husband, Giles; who…

Anonymous says:

A Pocket Full of Rye As anybody who reads the Miss Marple books knows, she often trains young housemaids, so they can go into service. When Miss Marple reads that one of the young maids she trained, Gladys Martin, has been found strangled – a clothes peg left on her nose – in the garden of the house where she worked, she sets off at once to see who did such a wicked thing. Murder had already visited the family, as the head of the household, Mr Rex Fortecue, was poisoned at work and, in his pocket, was a handful…

Anonymous says:

The Enigmatic Marple…. A classic Miss Marple tale which was written by Agatha Christie some thirty years or so before being eventually published (originally titled Murder in Retrospect), told in inimitable style. Soon after moving into a new home, Gwenda experiences strange occurrences with alarming regularity and with no explanation. Are her fears irrational, ghostly or more of the human form? Gwenda soon confides in Miss Marple and requests her help. Miss Marple takes an eminently logical viewpoint to solve this…

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