A Summer Reunion: the perfect escapist summer read for 2019

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Anonymous says:

Novel set near Fornalutx, Mallorca Assembled on Mallorca: “.. a close-knot group of friends who over the years had survived bouts of bullying, exclusion, betrayals and secrets but who still scapegoated anyone who fell out of line…”Amy Green is a very successful interior designer, head of the company of the same name which she runs together with her husband. He however has announced that he is leaving her, with one of their employees in tow, to set up a similar business elsewhere. He has also purloined a considerable…

Anonymous says:

A Summer Reunion Without doubt The Summer Reunion has become my favourite book by Fanny Blake. It was thoroughly enjoyable and even though it had a relatively short timeframe overall, as it was more or less set across one long weekend, there was so much happening that the story was kept fresh and invigorating keeping the reader on their toes. The book itself has a simple concept, a group of four women now in their early sixties gather together at a reunion of sorts at a villa on the island of Mallorca. Each…

Anonymous says:

Wonderful settings and mature relationships Gathering old school friends for a Mallorcan reunion may not be plain sailing.What a joy to return to Fanny Blake’s writing, not least when one of the characters has the same first name as me so that I felt instantly engaged (even if I wasn’t terribly sympathetic towards Linda to start with)! In A Summer Reunion, Fanny Blake demonstrates again just how perceptive she is about more mature women and their lives, hopes and dreams making A Summer Reunion such a satisfying read…

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