Crime and Punishment

November 10, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Dark and powerful. “Crime and Punishment” is the story of Raskolnikov, also known as Rodion Romanovich and Rodya, and is told in the third person by an omnipotent narrator. At the start Raskolnikov is an impoverished ex student who is troubled by lack of food, decent lodgings and the fear that his sister is selling herself into marriage to improve his lot. This theme of women selling themselves for the sake of their families weaves itself through the narrative. He has dealings with an elderly woman who he uses as…

Anonymous says:

Pleased I have read it, but don’t want to read it again Written in 1866 and set in St Petersburgh Crime and Punishment (billed as the psychological account of a crime) follows the path of Raskolnikov, a near penniless student who commits a heinous crime and the mental torture he goes through afterwards.It was different to read a book based in Russia that wasn’t about the revolution or Stalin which has been the theme of nearly all Russian books I have read previously. Poverty of course featured quite heavily as did all round general…

Anonymous says:

Breathtaking Crime and Punishment is set in Russia in the 1800’s. It is written from the perspective of the protagonist Raskolnikov; a young student. Despite its reputation as being hard going, I found it easy to read and impossible to put down.Due to financial hardship and circumstance Raskolnikov commits murder. Russia was economically and politically unstable at the time of writing and one of the greatest arguments in favor of socialism is that, if people were equal would crime be…

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