HILLARY’S FINAL CASE a gripping crime mystery full of twists

August 7, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Perhaps it’s just as well it’s the last book. To be honest , I gave up reading this series somewhere around book 12. They had all started to become the same. The crime, the investigation, the arrest of the culprit. The end. But as this was Hillary’s final case, I thought I’d give it a go, but it was a real disappointment. The title suggests her career is finishing, or she even gets bumped off, but it merely means it’s the last book to be written about Hillary and co. At least we’ll hear no more of the fifty year old once police officer,…

Anonymous says:

A disappointing end to an outstanding series I have really enjoyed this series, but this final book was a real let-down.There are three strands to the novel – the romance between Hillary and Acting DCS Crayle, the situation regarding Jake Barnes and his missing step-sister, and finally (and most important) the case of Dale Medcalfe. The resolution of Hillary’s romantic tangle was a fudge: a complete non-event. Jake Barnes’s case was solved, but not quite finalised, while the main story (which had been coming to the boil over the…

Anonymous says:

Did the author run out of time or just get bored? I have loved the Hillary Greene series from the start but this final book was a huge disappointment. Firstly the title suggests the end of her career – doesn’t happen, it’s just the last case to be written about. The major protagonist, Dale Medcalfe, who had been a recurring theme in the later books was just left for Stephen to deal with in his new department. The ‘cold-case’ of missing women was only partly solved and the romance between Hillary and Stephen; the would she, wouldn’t she marry…

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