MURDER IN MIND a gripping crime mystery full of twists

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Anonymous says:

Another cliffhanger ending Hillary does it again and solves yet another cold case. These books are so easy to read and in many ways whimsical but I still love them. If I want to lose myself for a few hours this series is perfect. (Midsomer Murder enthusiasts will soon be drawn in – “gentle” murders.)Like the previous 15 books this is a gem and for once I didn’t spot the culprit until the last few chapters.Still cringe at some of the American’ism – we have police stations in Britain NOT station…

Anonymous says:

Another cliffhanger, plus another great mystery from Faith Martin ! As soon as I received the e-mail telling me that the sixteenth penultimate Hillary Greene book was available I couldn’t wait to read it and promptly put my current read on hold.I was not disappointed .With a difficult cold case to solve, her concern over Jake’s seemingly devious and secret agenda, plus the arrival of a new boss who will soon be taking over the department from her lover, Steven Krayle , who is moving to the Oxford Constabulary after being given promotion, is surely…

Anonymous says:

Terrific! As usual great storyline with the brilliant detective Hillary Greene solving another cold case with thought and deduction . At the same time , she juggles her personal love life with the office intrigue she has uncovered and so the scene is set for the final saga in final book of series, can’t wait!!!

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