PENITENT: a Scottish murder mystery with a devilish twist (Detective Inspector Munro murder mysteries)

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Anonymous says:

Sottish Shenanigans Really enjoyed this book and was my first Pete Brassett.Favourite character has to be DI West, who is plunged (no pun) into the case of a dead girl in a swimming pool.Great story full of dry Scottish humour and plenty going on to keep the pages turning.Anyway….it seems Mr Brassett has written a few. So…. there goes my spare time 🙂

Anonymous says:

Yet another great book in the series These books may not be the longest, but they pack a good story into their pages.I can thoroughly recommend this series of books to anyone who like a good detective story, but please start at book one, it will make the reads all the better.

Anonymous says:

Entertaining Swiss Cheese Crime Stories I have mixed feelings about the nine books in the series. While they are entertaining to read and I do not regret buying them, they are prone to have plots that are full of holes and characters who are out of a 1960’s boys comic and have the occasional lapse in continuity. A Police Station that is staffed by a DCI without, apparently anyone that he answers to. With a retired Inspector (by the end of the series) who is a murderer and has never been investigated either by the Police or his…

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