Permanent Record

September 22, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Essential reading in his own words. Essential reading. Edward is underrated in his impact and awareness on our right to privacy.

Anonymous says:

Incredible Memoir of a one of greatest Whistleblower. What an excellent memoir by Snowden. This is my 3rd book I read in my entire life. Incredible Valor. Cannot imagine what he is going through for the sacrifices he made and yet the govt which he hoped will be held accountable still continue to do the things he exposed with impunity. Reading this book makes me think that Snowden was mostly let down by people not standing up for him. The book reveals how much he tried to raise this issue within the NSA and why he chose to go to Journalists atlast…

Anonymous says:

Transparency seekers As an expert in the information technology industry. If transparency is what your are seeking then this book is all you need. A full deep dive into the life of a normal person who has been branded as this villain. Why not find out directly from the person. Very well written and highly recommended

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