The Babes in the Woods Murders: The shocking true story of how child murderer Russell Bishop was finally brought to justice

September 23, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

A well-structured account of the case I personally disagree with the negative reviews written about this book. As someone who reads a lot of true crime, has always been interested in this case and was the same age as the girls when they were murdered, I found this to be a very clear account of the entire story.I can appreciate that as one reviewer seems to be a family member, anything written about the case will be awful for them to read, but I don’t think it paints anybody in a bad light apart from the evil Bishop…

Anonymous says:

Shockingly badly written Got this book as I was living in Brighton at the time of the events and was really looking forward to reading it. But it’s literally been thrown together. I think it’s the most badly written book I’ve ever read! And the typos! I really don’t think this was proof read at all. Apostrophes in all the wrong places, ‘passed’ instead of ‘past’ numerous times, local places consistently spelt wrongly (it’s Stanmer, not Stamner). There’s no framework to this book. It’s more a series of quotes from the…

Anonymous says:

You will be wasting your money I cannot rate this book higher than one star as it is very badly written. In places it is hard to follow and the author even gets people’s names wrong and mixed up. The typos are impossible to ignore as there are usually several on each page. If the author cannot be bothered being accurate with his spelling how can I possibly believe he is accurate in his research. To be honest it’s appalling that Amazon can charge money for this.

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