The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction

January 13, 2020 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

A worthwhile read Athans has published a well-written, informative book. It was a relatively quick read, and went into several aspects including character, world building and plot.My only gripe would perhaps be that because so many areas were covered, there was relatively little depth in any of them. The book was not too long that elaboration would be too much. Nevertheless I enjoyed it, and many queries I had were answered (and, at £0.99, it’s a bargain!)

Anonymous says:

especially good if used along with other books I bought this along with the Orson Scott Card book, and also ‘Myths & Magic, The Complete Fantasy Reference’. I think it works best when alongside these, however if I had to choose one and leave the rest, this one would prevail. Part 1 gives a quick overview of just what the genres constitute (helpful if you’re not sure), and then part 2 gets down to the nitty gritty of how to put a book together. Part 3 is probably the least useful for the sort of people who are going to be buying this book…

Anonymous says:

Very poor print quailty Although the outer cover is fine, the inside pages are of extremely poor quality. It is printed on cheap paper, grey/off white and feels like newsprint. The print quality is poor and the solid borders (the headings at the beginning of chapters) have horizontal lines running through them, as if it was printed on a home printer that is running out of ink. I would have expected this book to be at least of average quality, not the substandard issue I received. This to me looks like a spoil and…

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