The Stone Man – A Science Fiction Horror Novel

January 23, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Gripping I have read a LOT (a LOT) of post-apocalyptic/post-martians invading/meteors striking/viruses turning us into zombies – you get the drift. I am fascinated by the idea of a split second event changing everything, and the way that tests characters and throws everything you thought mattered up in the air.I couldn’t put this book down – I can relate to some of the things other reviewers found unsatisfying, but none of that got in the way of me staying up later than I meant to every night for…

Anonymous says:

If you like open ended, questioning narratives then this book is for you. I am a more mature science fiction fan. I grew up with it and have stayed loyal every since. I wear my anorak with pride. I started the book unsure of whether to continue or not as I had recently read quite a few SF/Horror books that were so predictable they put me to sleep. After a couple of chapters I was hooked because the narrative was unfolding without giving too many answers and I realised I didn’t know what might happen. I couldn’t predict how it might unfold, how the characters…

Anonymous says:

Loved this – gripping story and interesting characters whose fate … Loved this – gripping story and interesting characters whose fate you quickly grow to care about. This is one of those books where you can’t wait to find out what happens, but at the same time you don’t want the story to end. Warning – if you read it on kindle, there’s a sample of another of the author’s books at the end – which is a nice touch, except for the fact that I was gutted that this one ended before I was mentally prepared for it!

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