Timelines of Everything

September 24, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

So much information on dates in an easy to find or browse format Bought this for my kids 5, 7 and 9 when my 7 year old asked whether Laura ingalls was having her adventures on the prairie at the same time as world war two. It doesn’t quite answer that question, but it has plenty of information on many others, from prehistory to the present day. All kids have enjoyed browsing through it and taking it to school to show their teachers. I’m sure we’ll find it useful for many years to come

Anonymous says:

Amazingly Informative Like all DK books, this is wonderfully informative and so interesting to read.It contains loads of well researched facts and tonnes of great pictures.It’s the ultimate compendium of timeliness and I can’t recommend it highly enough.The book itself is massive too, a lot thicker than I had anticipated, so definitely good value for money. I had bought it for my secondary aged children, but I am enjoying dipping in and out of it as much as they are.

Anonymous says:

Fun, factual and well presented This would be great for anyone who likes to get a factual overview of “stuff” in general. There’s quite a bit of science and history. Not like a school textbook and it’s fun and clear to browse. I’d say it’s great for a wide range of ages. Its language is readable by 10 yr olds upwards, and it has plenty of interesting info even for adults.

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