Vietnam: An Epic History of a Divisive War 1945-1975

February 3, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Disgraceful War This horrible, disgraceful story is well told. I do consider, however, that the War Crimes could have been emphasised more. There were a number of Generals who should have been indicted and put to to trial. Many soldiers should have been put in gaol. The use of Napalm and defoliation is utterly despicable and the damage done to Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam stands shoulder to shoulder with War Crimes in the Second Word War. The sad thing is that the Americans learnt nothing from this war.

Anonymous says:

A War That Was Justifiable At The Time.It Is A War That Never Ends. This is a very sound account of the Vietnam war by an accomplished journalist and military historian. Hastings reported on the war as a young reporter. The book is certainly not a masterpiece nor is it definitive because although the author has used, as have many others, recently released archives there are many more in the vaults of Russia, China and Vietnam that will not be released for many years, if ever. Hastings has interviewed many who participated in the war and their recollections add…

Anonymous says:

A clarification. This book cleared up many of my misconceptions. I now have some idea of how the sequence of events had a certain logic to it. The author also correctly stresses the frightful tyrrany the victorious communists imposed on their people. This aspect of the war’s history has been neglected in the past.I had some difficulty with the author’s vocabulary. I susect that this is due to the book’s having beem written with an American readership in mind.

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