Accidental Meeting: A Hollywood Billionaire Romance

April 17, 2019 - Comment

She’s wild and innocent. Me? I have scars that might scare her away.   Tia Cooke…The way her blonde hair falls over her face is hypnotizing. Women have always circled around me. But she’s the only one who makes me stop and take notice.It was supposed to be a one-night stand.But her green eyes and luscious lips begged me for

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She’s wild and innocent. 
Me? I have scars that might scare her away.  
Tia Cooke…
The way her blonde hair falls over her face is hypnotizing. 
Women have always circled around me. 
But she’s the only one who makes me stop and take notice.
It was supposed to be a one-night stand.
But her green eyes and luscious lips begged me for more.
Things got intense in the bedroom…
Way more fun than a sleazy night with a random girl. 
Now I want to leave my playboy lifestyle behind. 
And I want this woman to be my future.
My billion-dollar fortune means nothing without her by my side.
I need to make her mine. 
And I need to keep her safe. 
Even if that means protecting her from the mafia… 
And shielding her from my own family. 


Anonymous says:

Loved this book highly recommend Wow this book was awesome the characters were brilliant. Tia is a struggling actress who has abandoned her family to move to LA to make a career for herself. Shane is a Playboy who has many hidden secrets after meeting Tia in a bar the pair get talking and soon the pair are thrown into a fast paced life of mystery and secrets. Will Shane come clean to tell her his secrets or will he leave it to late. Tia is getting frustrated she wants to know the man she cannot stop thinking about why is it so…

Anonymous says:

GOOD READ A good romance read about Tia and Shane , she’s an actress and well he’s a hot looking man surrounded by mystery and a secret , and he doesn’t do relationships so no woman has ever got any information about his life , after a one night stand he and Tia are still drawn to each other but him not opening up to her pushes them apart , with the ups and downs , gang wars ,kidnapping , ransom demands and action will they ever find their way to an HEA , a good read with a fab storyline and great…

Anonymous says:

Honest arc review Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Tia and Shane will make a great couple if they get their act together . Shane is acting the playboy so nobody gets close to him and learns who his father is but deep down he doesn’t realise he’s lonely. Tia left her small hometown to try and hit the big time knows she’s lonely but LA isn’t the easiest place to make friends. Sparks fly when they meet in a bar and end back at Shane’s house. What starts as a one night stands ends up as more, lots of denial about the…

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