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November 9, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

This is a keeper – a book you will read more than once A very original plot showing how an alien AI is able to realistically, from a zero base without any outside backup, become able to understand humanity. The political background is extremely well handled showing what seems to me a very likely reaction of those in power to “First Contact”The author does not identify the locale outright, but to me it seems to be set the the present day trouble in UkraineDo not miss this book

Anonymous says:

Intelligent, witty and quite believable I’m a fan of much of what Simon Morden writes, so i expected to like this, but it was a genuine surprise, in a good way. The story is based around the the idea that an alien probe ostensibly designed for general planetary exploration, might dropped into the middle of a war zone, apparently by accident. The probe is equipped with a generic AI, to deal with the unexpected and the war zone is certainly ‘unexpected’.What I loved about the story is how – slowly – we see specific…

Anonymous says:

Excellent new take on a first contact situation An excellent new take on a first contact situation from the “other” side (in more ways than one), characters build and change through the story, surprises, shocks and twists, some seen some unseen. Would definitely recommend. Also worth checking out the same authors “The Lost Art” another stand-alone and interesting novel.

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