Digital Photographer’s Handbook: 6th Edition of the Best-Selling Photography Manual

January 12, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Just what the photographer ordered just received and been looking through and this is just what I was after. Lots of great photos demonstrating what is being discussed. Lots of suggestions about things to be aware of and try to improve captures. Easy to jump to relevant sections which I wish to look into and nicely written with an air of ‘you can do this’ about it. Sometimes technical photography literature can appear too esoteric, but not this. In one easy section, I got the idea of what dodge and burn is about and how readily it might be used to enhance photos I’ve taken. So, early days, but initial impressions very positive and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of valuable use dipping into this book over the years.

Anonymous says:

A wealth of experience made available to me I can unreservedly recommend this book. It is an order of magnitude more relevant to me than any other similar book I’ve come across, even if the pages on the actual cameras is bound to date. I’ve been a photographer for nearly 50 years and a digital photographer since I could afford it – probably more than 10 years.Tom Ang’s experience is vast eyt down-to-earth and he’s got a real gift for communicating clearly those things that matter to me – small, large and tiny considerations from the use of the camera; the computer software, the hardware and the aesthetic aspects of composition and so on.This is a “golden age” of incredibly powerful yet really affordable digital technology that takes some knowledge to use. To me, this book is an essential companion, helping to put all the available technology to best use to capture and display the images that will communicate what I intend … and discover along the way.

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