Don’t Go There: From Chernobyl to North Korea-one man’s quest to lose himself and find everyone else in the world’s strangest places (Weird Travel)

November 8, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Really funny and eye opening, and sweeps you along at a great pace If a much younger Bill Bryson went to weird and dangerous places, consistently chose the worst people to guide him and then made entertainingly misjudged decisions while there, this is the book he’d write. It’s great – really funny and eye opening, and sweeps you along at a great pace. The best thing is that I feel like the author’s gone to all these places for me, so I can get the experience of having been to, say, Chernobyl or North Korea while sitting at home drinking tea.

Anonymous says:

I wouldn’t bother…… I would not waste your money, despite the good reviews on Amazon I am not sure this chap is a published author? The book does not appear to have been proof read properly and is amateurish. No comparison with Bill Bryson can be made…Really disappointed.

Anonymous says:

Entertaining and informative I am a voracious reader of travelogues/memoirs from every part of the world (and I have to say that the great majority of them make for somewhat hackneyed reading), but Adam Fletche r’s Don’t Go There is one of the few that are an absolute delight to read.The author has the light, poignant touch of a Bill Bryson, a David Sedaris or a Peter Mayle, and his style is fast-paced and witty, which makes the book wryly entertaining. But at the same time his tales are highly…

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