Losing Earth: A Recent History

May 6, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Not quite the book I was expecting I bought this book hoping it would be a general discussion about the ‘climate change’ versus ‘climate change denialism’ debate and how the argument has evolved over time. It is not really about that. This book is actually a very detailed expansion of an article Nathaniel Rich wrote for the New York Times Magazine some years back. It focuses, not on the debate as a whole, but on a single decade: Spring 1979 to the conclusion of the Noordwijk conference in November 1989. This book…

Anonymous says:

How we blew it This book gives us the behind the scene detail of how US policy almost changed to lead the way in climate legislation, some 30 years ago. This book needs to go into a time capsule so that possible survivors of the climate apocalypse rediscover this shocking, damning evidence thousands of years from now.

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