Making History

December 27, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

I am delighted to have done so Being an unashamed fan of alternate history or “what if” novels, I ordered this book as soon as I discovered a reference to it in a customer’s review of a different “changed past” novel. I am delighted to have done so. I am a great fan of Stephen Fry as a television host and film actor, but this is the first time I have delved into one of his books.The premise that the world might be a better place had Hitler never even been born is not exactly new, and nor is the…

Anonymous says:

Wasted opportunity Love Stephen Fry generally (all formats). Am surprised by the high reviews of this. As it is by him the writing style is great, but the plot doesn’t work. Each additional messy premise jolted me out of the narrative.[SPOILERS]And I’m not talking about time-travelling to kill Hitler, I’m fine with that, that’s a great set up.But, for example, the idea that someone doing a PhD in history (from Cambridge) would think you could kill Hitler and the world would automatically be a…

Anonymous says:

an entertaining but flawed trifle An “alternative reality” story from Stephen Fry that doesnt quite come off. He writes fluently and paints believable characters. Much of the book is amusing, He ties the loose ends together well, and the plot lines mostly dovetail. The point of how far an individual influences history is well made.Unfortunately there are some big holes in the plot – eg, why does only the central character retain memory of the previous world when the history-altering act is made? Even if it were only a…

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