The Enceladus Mission: Hard Science Fiction (Ice Moon)

April 15, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Disappointing As a lover of hard sf I bought this on the basis of previous reviews. Yes, the science is there, detailed and believable. The story is decent but unoriginal. Where this book fails is in the storytelling. Told from the viewpoint of one person this is a straightline: this happened, then that happened , then this….. Martin said, Martin did – on and on for the entire book. The finale had an unfinished, unsatisfactory feel, and the final twist – unbelievable. Compare this book with other”first…

Anonymous says:

Badly Written A half decent plot but badly written and full of irrelevancies. For instance, why did the crew have to learn to light a fire and kill a squirrel when they were going to an ice and water planet?Written from the point of view of Martin and is full of ‘Martin thought’, ‘Martin considered’, ‘Martin pondered’, etc in italics. I mean who cares what he thought, considered, pondered – totally irrelevant.Struggled through it without skipping, except for the ridiculous poetry, hoping that…

Anonymous says:

Hard SF at its Best This is the best science fiction book I have read in a long time. It is well-researched and realised. Morris puts a great deal of care and attention into the details of the preparation, the journey through space and the mission once we get to our destination. The result is a book that is the hardest of hard SF.Here we are told the plausible story of the first manned mission to Saturn’s icy moon of Enceladus. We known there is an ocean below the surface of the ice and we also know…

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