The Only Plane in the Sky: The Oral History of 9/11

September 27, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Heartbreaking A book on such a devastating day perhaps shouldn’t get 5 stars but it was a wonderful testimony to the courage and bravery of the American people. I come from Northern Ireland and we lost 3000 men women and children in 50 yrs. To lose 3000 people in hours is unreal. I cried reading the book because I could feel emotion in every page and even though it’s the saddest book you will ever read I felt privileged to read it. Total admiration for the American people . Buy the book you will thank God…

Anonymous says:

POWERFUL, UNFORGETTABLE AND A MUST READ I remember the day, I remember seeing the towers collapse, I remember United flight 93 and I remember the attack on the Pentagon. I saw it all on the television in real time. I was transfixed and horrified and disbelieving all at the same time.‘The Only Plane In The Sky’ is not a book about what I saw.Instead it is a book of voices, personal accounts of people that were there, people that were affected by loss, survivors and those that did not go home that day. It’s…

Anonymous says:

An emotional well written book 9/11 is one of those awful days that those of us who watched on the TV will simply never forget. This so well researched and written book gives life to those pictures we saw by telling us what the people (so many heroes) actually said. It’s as if we are transported back and hear their words ourselves. The heartbreaking story of what happened in lower Manhattan that day comes even more clear. Admittedly at times an emotional read. I had to pause and then return. But an important read. One that…

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