The Secret History

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Anonymous says:

A charming and shocking masterpiece filled with drama, twists, and bygone splendor I read this book on a recommendation, and have to admit that after reading a few pages I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did. I do not generally like books that are overly descriptive and feature more ‘pretentious’ prose, in fact I detest classical literature, yet the description and classical language, is what gives The Secret History it’s charm.This book was published in 1992, but harks back to a time more reminiscent of the early 1900’s in style. The language used by some…

Anonymous says:

A Solid Three Here’s my review: the epilogue felt earnt. This was because the book felt so very bloody long.It’s not a bad book – but it’s pretty anemic fare when you look closely. You’d think that ancient Greek would provide a charming and interesting motif. You’d be wrong. Like most of the book, it’s thin set dressing for a medium-interesting melodrama that doesn’t really go anywhere.It’s nicely written, but not so much as to ever make you stop and marvel.The characters…

Anonymous says:

Rich in detail and addictive I just love Donna Tartt her writing is so rich in detail and genuinely beautiful! This book is engrossing and sinister the characters are microscopocally examined and they are immoral, tragic and deep. Donna writes in a classical manner and she weaves an intricate tapestry that will quite frankly leave you feeling desolate once you finish it! What can I read next that will compare to such quality storytelling 😯

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