The Secret World: A History of Intelligence

January 14, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Very good – and yet This is excellent book about the history of intelligence. It is a pleasure to read. Nevertheless, there are some greeting issues: the author is very fond of phrases like “this is the first“ or “only” time such and such has happened. When this is repeated time and again in every chapter, it becomes a little boring.Second, the author relies heavily on European history and that of the United States. Surely, intelligence has a history outside Europe, for instance Japan and China…

Anonymous says:

A scholarly opus Obviously the work of an expert in the field. The research and bibliography is outstanding.It covers the gamut from Jesus to Putin.However, I found it written in a style reminiscent of my school history books. I had almost forgotten the art of the paragraph length sentence until I met up with this tome. It is a bit like a German sentence; a huge build up precedes the object by so much that the impact is diminished.Whilst I appreciate the need for annotation (especially in a…

Anonymous says:

A brief history of time This magnum opus written by Christopher Andrew, the most prominent intelligence historian of all times, does not need a long review. Like Stephen Hawking’s great work A Brief History of Time, Professor Andrew’s lifetime achievement is this history of intelligence called A Secret World. Neither at any time before, nor quite surely in the next 50 or more years a creation of such a masterpiece is possible. A must for every university library and any historian.

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